Letter from the Jamtlandic author Gustav Hedenvind-Eriksson to his fellow author Per Nilsson-TannÚr, dated 20th of january 1942, concerning the history of Jamtland

Excerpt from letter, saved i n Landsarkivet (county archives) , Ístersund:

During a period of several years I read for severals years about Jamtland at the Kungl. Biblioteket (Royal Library in Stockholm), but mostly at the Riksarkivet (Central state archives in Stockholm) and ultimately I got an almost horrifying picture of this province.

Jamtland was thrown to and fro between two rival states, sometimes burned down, forced to pay taxes and was often trampled by hostile armys, sometimes from east, sometimes from west, but still Jamtland remained what it had been.
The Jamtlanders, in spite of that, kept their own peculiar culture and their own unique temper, untill the "money-time" (Industrial Age). But thereafter, in less than one hundred years much has disappeared, which had been unchanged since the ancient, hard times. Nevertheless, there are still remnants of this culture in some places in Jamtland, thank God, in spite of other provinces of Sweden.

Gustav Hedenvind Eriksson

Note: " money-time" means the time for industrialiszation (late 19th century in Jamtland)

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    Many thanks to Jay Liedman, a Jamtlandic descendant in Minnesota, USA, who has been so very kind helping me with the English!