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Refuges from Jamtland to Norway in 1564

During the Swedish attack and occupation of Jamtland 1564 - 1570, the following persons decided to leave Jamtland to escape Swedish opression.

(I:260 etc. refer to litterary source and page in the book mentioned below, and concern all items until next figure is reffered)

Most of the mentioned Jamtlanders are reffered to live in Norway, but in some cases they are specified to be in Hedmark or Nordland.

(If you look at the Swedish edition, you can see those who went to Hedmark)
Read more about the terror the Jamtish people was a victom of, during 1563 - 1677.

1 Anulf from Östberg, Berg parish I:260
2 Joen Stenson, from Skaku, Berg parish
3 Sten from Mellom, Myssjö parish
4 Jöns from Borgen, Oviken parish
5 Lasse from Backen, Alsen parish
6 Jon Larsson from Vike, Rödön parish
7 Hemmings brother from Månsåsen, Marby parish
8 Erich Bålson from Hara, Sunne parish
9 Anders from Östberge, Frösö parish I:261
10 a Jamt from Kvissle, Berg parish

11 two women from Låsböle, Hallen parish
12 Oloff Olofson from Andersön, Sunne parish
13 Mårten Olson from Andersön, Sunne parish
14 Karls brother from Vinälven, Hackås parish
15 a Jamt from Sanne, Hackås parish
16 Oloff Joenson from Funäs, Myssjö parish
17 Erich Anderson from Viken
18 Oloff Joensons brother from Backe, Ås parish
19 Anders Jonsson from Kövra, Myssjö parish
20 Märit and Kirstin from Palleråsen, Lit parish I:262

21 Joen from Kleppe, Kyrkås parish
22 Oloff Henderson from Lockåsen, Myssjö parish
23 Gunnar Staffanson from Fjäl, Lit parish
24 Oloff Månson from Hölje, Lit parish
25 Lasse Stenson from Hölje, Lit parish
26 Lasse Olson from Stavgård, Häggenås parish
27 Per Ersons brother from Söre, Lit parish
28 a Jamt from Gunnmunds gård Häggenås parish
29 Swen Gunmunson from Optand, Brunflo parish
30 Nils brother from Viken, Brunflo parish

32 Gunmun from Vamsta, Brunflo parish I:263
33 Kjel Anderson from Gusta, ("Gautsta" Brunflo parish
34 Oloff Olssons brother from Ope, Brunflo parish
35 Oloffs brother from Våge 36 Per and Jens from Äspnäs, Brunflo parish
37 Joens brother from Loke (Lockne parish)
38 Anders from Grytan Brunflo parish
39 Oloff and Jens from Odensala, Brunflo parish
40 Anders brother from Trägsta ("Trygstad"), Hallens parish

41 Per from Trappnäs, Hallens parish
42 Erich Olsson from Tivarsgården, Norderö parish
43 Bål from Myckelåsen, Marby parish
44 Måns Månsson from Månsåsen, Marby parish I:264
45 Oloff Byrilson from Häljesund, Hallens parish
46 Joen from Arvesund, Hallens parish
47 Lasse Olson from Vestanede, Norderö parish
48 Joen Enerson from Tivarsgården, Norderö parish
49 a Jamt from Sinnberg, Näs parish
50 Karins stepson from Vattjom, Oviken parish

51 Sigrids son from Haxåsen, Oviken parish
52 Erick vid Ån, Hallens parish
53 a Jamt from Dille, Ås parish
54 Sven from Sem, Ås parish
55 Tol from Backen, Ås parish I:265
56 Måns Jörenson from Ösa, Ås parish
57 Anders Siurdsons brothers from Teng, Ås parish
58 Lasse from Krok, Kalls parish
59 Kjel from Tege, Åre parish
60 Esbiörn from Järpen, Undersåkers parish

61 Lasse from Byom, Mörsil parish
62 Mårtens sister in from Tossberg, Mattmar parish
63 Nils brother from Offne, Mattmar parish
64 Torchil from Mällbyn, Mattmar parish
65 Gunnil from Ubyn, Mattmar parish
66 Erichs brothers from Halabacken, Mattmar parish
67 Anders brother from Kluk, Alsen parish I:266
68 Michil from Landverk, Alsen parish
69 Torbiörn from Vången, Alsen parish
70 a Jamt from Ed, Alsen parish

71 a Jamt from Åflo, Offerdal parish
72 Måns Nilson from Rise, Offerdal parish
73 Biörn from Mällbyn, Mattmar parish
74 a Jamt from Dvärsätt, Rödön parish
75 Gunmund Olson from Hara, Sunne parish
77 Nils from Åsen, Lit parish
78 Oloff Olsons brother from Västerälven, Myssjö parish I:268
79 Rådgierd from Hede, from Klövsjö parish
80 Arne from Svedje, Sunne parish (is in Nordland)

81 Siman from Mjälle, Frösö parish
82 Joen Erichson from Bjärte, Näskott parish
83 Oloff Nielson from Kälen, Rödön parish
84 Oloff Olson from Stavsgård, Häggenås parish
85 Lasse Olson from Stavsgård, Häggenås parish
86 Jöns Gudzsormson from Anviken Revsunds parish
87 Peder from Espnäs, Lockne parish
88 Jöns from Espnäs, Lockne parish
89 Per Ersons brother from Söre, Lit parish I:268
90 Vincens Erichson

91 Niels Person from Föllinge, Föllinge parish
92 Oloff Larsons sister from Husås, Lit parish
93 Staffan from Grytan, Brunflo parish
94 Anders Stensson from Verkön, Sunne parish
95 Oloff Olson? from Sem, Ås parish
96 Karl from Brattåsen, Sunne parish
97 Påffuel from Brattåsen, Sunne parish
98 Tomas Ingolfson from Välviken, Sunne parish I:269
99 Mårten from Backe, Alsen parish
100 two gymnasiasts from Mickelgård, Mörsil parish

101 Lasse Jeppson from Hallen, Hallens parish
102 Lasse Siurdson from Mårdsund (Morthensunen), from Hallens parish
103 Jöns Siurdson from Mårdsund, from Hallens parish
104 Jon Jempt from Röde, Alsen parish
105 Oloff Grexson and Ingebrict from Halskagen, Ås parish
106 Oloff Eskielson and Per from Byn, Ås parish
107 Birita from Genvalla, Frösö parish
108 Joen Gunnerson from Nordbyn, Alsen parish I:270
109 Joen Mårtenson on Andersön, Sunne parish
110 Anders Torson from Svedje, Sunne parish

111 Michil from Gåsböle, Revsund parish
112 Jöns from Anviken, Revsund parish
113 Staffan and Erich from Yttergården in Grytan, Brunflo parish
114 Oloff Tordsson from Våle, Lockne parish
115 Peder from Valne, Alsen parish
116 Håkans brother from Säter, Offerdal parish
117 Joen Morthenson Andersön, Sunne parish I:271
118 Erich Gundersson and his brothers from Rise, Offerdals/Marby/Frösö socken? I:271
119 Anders Olson i Östberg, Frösö socken

Note: Jamt means a Jamtlander, a person from Jamtland

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Jämtländska räkenskaper 1564 - 1571,
published by Jämtlands läns fornskriftsällskap VIII, printed in Lund 1944